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4:28 on this wednesday morning. a live look outside. a warmer start to your midweek. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" on this wednesday, september 26th, 2012. police are investigating a double shooting along the prince george's county line. the shooting happened at 11:30, and police aren't releasing many details about the case, but one man was shot in the head.
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tonight those in herndon will hold a candlelight vigil to remember four people found dead in their home. the mother, father, and two teenage children were found dead yesterday at their home on point rider lane. the co-workers called after neither parent showed up for two days. the family has been a fixture in that neighborhood for nearly 30 years. >> the whole family was -- they were always -- they were a great, great group of people. >> especially the children. it's just heartbreaking. they had their whole lives. it's tragic. it's tragic. >> police say there is no threat to the community. that vigil will take place tonight at 7:30 at floral methodist church in herndon. this morning the national park service will announce the contractor picked to repair the earthquake damaged washington monument. the monument sustained serious structural damage in last year's 5.8 magnitude quake. the top of the obelisk has
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several large cracks. repairs are expected to cost $15 million. it won't open to the public until sometime in 2014. the news conference will start at 10:30. look for it on our website this morning they'll vote on a potential rate hike for pepco. last night dozens of customers upset about the possible hike staged a protest at pepco headquarters in downtown d.c. if approved in maryland, the plan would increase bills by $5 a month. pepco also expected to vote on a contract proposal for some of its workers today. if the deal is rejected, union workers could go on strike. >> time for a first look at our forecast this morning. a lot warmer than it was yesterday. >> by 10 to 15 degrees, depending on where you are. big wow. you can feel it out there. the other thing you feel, did you notice the humidity? >> just a little bit. >> and showers falling throughout the area. today is one of those days we
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start the beginning being umbrella ready. 68 is the temperature right now. reagan national airport. there's a little breeze too with that southwest wind blowing at 12 miles per hour and could pick up to 20 miles per hour later today. take a look at storm team 4 radar. big batch of rain moving east and north of us right now. frederick, maryland, you're wet with the rain. mt. airy too. bethesda and bowie. all of this making its way through howard county and baltimore county. it's moving away, leaving the bigger part of the rain. still there will be lingering showers left coming in for the morning rush. umbrella ready today with a chance of showers, a milder start. 57 to 64 degrees around 8:00 a.m. by the noon hour, cloud cover. most of the rain is going to be north, up around northern maryland. temperatures by noontime, 74 to 77 degrees. for your afternoon commute, much warmer with a high of 84. it's the afternoon rush where we have the best chance of showers. i'll be back at 4:41 with your
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four-day forecast. right now, first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. checking the roadways. still dealing with a work zone in place if you're taking the inner loop of the beltway. really trying to access the ramp. construction happening on the ramp. it may be slowing you down a bit still, but it should be wrapping up soon. if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway at kenilworth avenue, i did see construction on the right side, blocking the right lanes, but that's gone. looks like your travel lanes are open as you continue on the inner loop. crossing the wilson bridge. the bridge was raised. now the bridge is lowered, and you're able to cross in both directions. earlier, the bridge was raised, allowing a ship or a boat to pass through, and we did see just large delays around the wilson bridge. right now that's gone, and your commute is clear. eun, over to you. >> danella, thanks so much. 4:32 now. two massive explosions in the syrian capital this morning. let's go live to the news 4 live desk where angie goff has more.
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angie, good morning. >> good morning. the target, top military command buildings. we just learned from syria's information minister that one of the bombs in damascus may have been planted inside the compound. the buildings were engulfed in flames, and now thick smoke continues to hover over the capital city. this video just into the news room. initial reports saying the blast caused only material damage, and at this point, casualties are still unknown. security forces say this morning they are chasing down rebels who want to oust syrian president bashar al assad. so far no one has claimed responsibility for this blast. at the news 4 live desk, angie goff, news 4. at 4:33, the race for president runs through ohio today. president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in the buckeye state. romney has to carry ohio if he has any chance of winning in november. no republican has ever lost in ohio and won the presidency. he appears to have ground to make up. the republican presidential
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nominee trails president obama by eight points in the latest "washington post" poll. he also leads in florida among likely voters. he leads by nine points among registered voters. romney's campaign doesn't seem too fazed by this poll. aides say they're trusting their own polling. the obama campaign continues hammering romney over his 47% comment. >> when mitt rom inney dismisse 47% of americans for not pulling their weight, he dismissed hard working people making $25,000, $35,000 a year. they pay social security. >> this is the second commercial the president is airing that criticizes romney for what he paid in taxes while dismissing the 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxes. ann romney is hoping this will help her husband win over voters. she was a guest on "the tonight show" with jay leno last night. >> now, you guys are married 43 years. you met in high school?
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>> met in high school. >> was it love at first sight? tell me about that. >> it was for me. we met at this party, and i will tell u, my heart was just -- yeah, for me, it was love at first sight. i think for him too. >> was he a good dancer? >> you know, jay, he's gotten to be a better dancer. >> that's a political answer. that is a political answer. >> this was ann romney's first late night interview. a potential boycott is addre planned today as iran's president plans to address the general assembly. president mahmoud ahmadinejad already addressed a meeting of high leaders on monday, but today's speech is expected to be more controversial. it comes on one of the holiest days on the hebrew calendar, yom kippur. in the past, he's denied the holocaust. and he will call to bring
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american bullying and domination to an end. police will be out in force trying to solve two murder mysteries. officers will join a community walk in kettering and pass out flyers looking for information on death of amber stanley. the 17-year-old was shot last month during a home invasion. stanley was a senior at charles flowers high school. they'll also hold a public meeting about the murder of markelle ross. he was shot and killed while walking to school in capitol heights this month. tonight's meeting will the held at the high school at 7:00. tonight d.c. officers will launch the breath alcohol test after a hiatus. they'll use calibrated meters to test drivers' blood alcohol content starting on friday. the medical examiner's office will maintain the new equipment. >> it's not that the city has been unable to enforce our drunk driving laws, but now we will be better able to enforce our drunk driving laws. >> everybody knows drinking and
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driving, people get killed doing that. >> d.c. police stopped the program two years ago when it was found the machines are been miscalculated, calling into question hundreds of drunk driving convictions. >> the case where police have force drunk drivers to take a test without a warrant. it comes from missouri where the man refused to take a breathalyzer. the officers drove him to the hospital for a blood test without getting a search warrant. 4:37 is your time. 65 degrees. not taking the loss lightly. the actions of packers fans across the country that they're taking following monday night's mistake. plus why this colorful tribute to man's best friend is being wiped out in arlington county.
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are welcome back. nationals might have clinched a playoff spot, but they've got some work to do if they want to win their division. they fell to the phillies 6-3 last night, and the second place braves beat the marlins. that means the nats' first place lead is down to four games. their magic number remains five. by the way, the braves clinched a playoff spot with their win last night. >> you saw davie johnson just sort of smile when we got our playoff spot. last night the braves had champagne showers and the whole
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nine yards. >> maybe we're just being a little more measured and reserved and waiting for playoffs for more celebrating. i'd still like to clinch the number one spot. >> i'm with you on that one. 4:41 is our time on this wednesday morning. 64 degrees outside our studios as we take a live look outside and watch a few clouds roll in. veronica johnson has our forecast. >> i like your positive thinking, eun and aaron. good positive thinking today. you mentioned champagne showers, but we have showers of our own there moving through. take a look at the storm team 4 radar right now. bigger batch of them into areas like montgomery county and howard county. those are moving away. off to the west, some more light showers. that's what's going to be moving through for our morning rush. right now the temperature sits at 68 degrees. adams morgan, 67. ft. belvoir, 62. over in fairfax, alexandria, and bowie, good morning to you. you're at 65 degrees. showers, there's a chance through the day. only a slight chance. most of the day is going to be dry. the high today, 85 degrees.
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take a look at your four-day forecast. 84 tomorrow. 78 on thursday. 72 on saturday. chance of showers each day, but probably your best on saturday. here's first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. still checking the roadways. still seeing construction slowing you down inner loop at the eisenhower connector. basically the cones are still up blocking the left lane. it's difficult to see on camera, but i can see it. stick to the right to get by. as you're taking robinson terminal, basically on the outer loop past braddock as you head towards the interchange, you're going to see the cones up blocking two of your left lanes. again, right here stick to the right to get by, and you're going to be fine. let's head over to i-270. still seeing wet pavement. give yourself extra time if you're just about to head out of the house. some of you still experiencing showers. along i-270, no accidents, no cannot instruction as you make your way between frederick and the beltway, you're clear.
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i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> still to come this morning, how people in new zealand are preparing for the big one more than a year after the deadly earthquake.
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i'm angie goff with breaking news for the news 4 live desk. 17 people are dead and several others trapped after a bus plunges into a river in india. the bus carrying 45 passengers, including many school students, was on a bridge when it suddenly fell in the water. villagers are able to rescue 20 people. this happened about 30 miles east of mumbai. at the live desk, i'm angie goff. >> the furor over replacement referees in the nfl is growing this morning after the league upheld the final play of monday's maddening game.
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officials said that seahawks receiver golden tate should have been called for pass interference, but since he wasn't and the ruling on the field was a simultaneous catch, the call could not be overturned. usually, soft-spoken quarterback aaron rodgers isn't buying it. >> when the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determined that both tate and jennings have possession of the ball. i call bull on that. the game is being tarnished by an nfl who obviously cares more about saving some money than having the integrity of the game diminished a little bit. >> some packers players say they have talked about going on strike or taking a knee on every play of the game until the referee issue is resolved. fans around the country are also crying foul and literally letting their voices be heard. in the hours after the game, the league office received more than 70,000 voicemails from fans.
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that's thanks to wisconsin congressman john erpenbach, who tweeted out roger goodell's phone number. sweeney is also trying to end this madness. he introduced legislation that would ban replacement referees in the state, where both the new york giants and the jets play. questionable calls has a redskins coach's wallet a little lighter. the nfl is fining offensive coordinator kyle shanahan $25,000. shanahan not happy about the officiating during the redskins' loss to the bengals on sunday and was given an unsportsmanlike penalty for berating the refs. he then chased them off the field into the tunnel. shanahan said in a statement that he would not respond that way again. 4:47. now a developing story in spain. overnight police fired rubber bullets and used batons to fight
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off marchers to gather in madrid to demonstrate against the government's handling of the economic crisis there. protesters clashed with police all day during a march that stopped short of spain's parliament building. they're demanding new elections criticizing the government's tax cuts and hikes. more protests are expected today. today more than 1 million people across new zealand took part in an earthquake drill. the exercise is designed to teach people to find cover and hold on to something stable when the quake strikes. new zealand is hit by thousands of earthquakes each year. most of them are minor. in february of last year, a 6.3 magnitude quake hit the city of christchurch. two neighbors are at odds over a 9/11 memorial in their backyard. thomas hackley says he was lucky to make it out of the world trade center towers ten years ago.
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he put up a memorial to honor those who did not make it out. it featureses two flags with a light. the neighbors called police, who gave him a fine. he says the battle is not over. >> it's not over. i don't want anyone to forget. it says, we will not forget. am i guilty? i'm guilty. i turned it on. i broke the ordinance. i paid the fine, a $100 fine. if that's what it is, i'll do it every day. >> hackley's neighbor says he believes the light was pointed at his house because the two men just don't get along. the neighbor says he plans to move. this morning authorities are looking into twitter about a crash that killed a cheerleader and a lacrosse player. take a look at this picture posted by ian heflin. in his tweet, he brags the person who drove him to school used his knees to drive the car.
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heflin died on the way to sch l school, and his sister was seriously injured. police say they are aware of the picture, and the 17-year-old is not hurt and has not been charged. the lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend is appealing his conviction. the judge sentenced george huguely to 22 years in prison for the beating death of yeardley love in 2010. attorneys did not reveal the basis of their appeal, but last month the judge rejected several defense motions when huguely tried to get a new trial. today is the holiest day of the jewish year, it's yom kippur. services were held at sundown when the holiday began. yom kippur is the day of atonement. it is traditionally spent fasting and praying. the owner of a virginia casino now wants to buy a stake in maryland's largest gaming center, maryland live.
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they're in talks to buy a minority stake in maryland live. penn national has been active in trying to defeat maryland's expanding gambling bill, and their casino would likely take a heat if the measure passes referendum in november. the piece on the side of an arlington dog grooming business was seen as advertising. kim, the owner of wag more dogs helped whitewash that mural. she paid an artist $4,000 to create it in the first place. >> i do not feel like defeat. i feel like this is a new beginning, and i think this is truly, while we're losing one mural, what we're demonstrating here is just another free expression. >> she says she will have a new mural painted that meets county regulations. >> i understand you have to uphold the law, but it's sad to
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me that you have to paint over a piece of artwork. once you put it on the wall, it's not like you can move it anywhere. >> the law is the law. >> yeah. >> let's bring in veronica johnson at 4:51. let's talk about the forecast. little rain coming maybe. >> a little rain. that's what i want to stress really, aaron and eun, we're talking a little rain. weefr ta we're talking the bulk of today is going to be dry. just a few showers around today. probably able to get by with the small umbrella. >> okay. most of all, i like the fact it's milder outside this morning. let's take a look and see what's going on. 65 in falls church, virginia. like that. last couple of days we've been in the 50s. 62 montgomery village. 66 andrews air force base. manassas, virginia, you're coming in at 63 degrees. at the bus stop, the kids could probably get there without the jacket. 57 to 62. clouds around the area. again, just a few showers. i think they'll be mainly light showers. heavier stuff has already moved
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out of here. you can see around baltimore, exiting howard county. coming through areas of northern and anne arundel county. so the lighter, broken showers, those are off to the west right now in western maryland and coming on in. mt. airy, gaithersburg, just north of bethesda. still a little wet. that rain is moving out. what's going on, we've got a stalled out weather front. they've got areas of low pressure moving along it over the next couple of days. over the next few days through saturday, wet weather to deal with. occasional showers, maybe isolated thunder. our best chance of seeing showers will be for the evening rush instead of for the morning rush. 81 to 85. temperature today and the warmest workday too. 70 to 75 degrees with possible thunder. what's left over with the evening hours. that's a look at the four-day forecast and your seven-day forecast. the rain breaks on saturday. we get a dry day on sunday. first 4 traffic with danella sealock. >> heading down i-95, let's take the drive right now. paving was happening.
4:54 am
actually, should be in its final stages and should be completed any moment now. southbound as you approach 3 in fredericksburg, paving blocking the left and right lane. again, i'm not really seeing delays. i think it should be in its final stages. traveling northbound i-95 really from frederick to woodbridge, things look nice and clear, not seeing anything in the lanes. as you continue towards 395, you're looking good. northbound clear. southbound passing seminary, road work cblocking the left lae and the center lane. right lane gets you by. you are clear northbound as you cross over the 14th street bridge. i'm back in ten. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. the university of virginia is apparently the top party school in the country. that's according to playboy magazine. the ranking is based on three categories -- sports, sex, and night life. uva ranked in the top 20 in each of those categories. of course, the school is also known for its academics.
4:55 am
last month, forbes ranked uva the top public university in the country. got to slide that in there. >> it is a learning institution, and it's very, very well-known for its academic success. >> just adding to the list, that's all. 4:55 is our time. >> trying to take a stand. the message from madonna that hit a sour note with con certifygoers in d.c.
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the tablet wars are heating up just in time for the holiday season. barnes and noble rolling out two new versions of the nook tablet today. the new nook hd comes with two sizes. one with a seven-inch screen starting at $199. the other has a nine-inch screen and starts at $269. the new nooks have sleep new hardware and a sharper high definition screen. both tablets will start shipping in late october and are slated to hit store shelves in early november. new york city police blaming apple's new iphone for a spike in crime. that news comes less than a week after the iphone 5 went on sale. police say the theft of iphones, ipods, ipads, and other hot electronic gadgets is up 40% so far this year. police say most of the robberies happen on the bus or the subway. there is a young cancer survivor in towsend, maryland,
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who's a lot richer this morning. >> nick won the lottery. he always buys a ticket at the 7-eleven near his job. he ended up matching 5 out of 6 numbers, good for $250,000. after taxes, that's a take home of $165,000. he says he plans to pay off his car, put money in the bank, and donate some of it. >> as a cancer survivor, i can't really pay back what people have done for me in my past. they've really helped me out a lot, and i would like to at least give back to the community that gave to me, show them my gratitude, and hopefully help someone else just like someone helped me. >> sounds like a fine young man. ruth was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005. he's been cancer free for four years. hope it stays that way. what a good man.

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